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On the road to the Open Educational Resources!

On February 27-28, partners of the PITCHER Project met for the third time, in Lyon, France, to take stock of the work carried out so far and plan the upcoming activities.

The focus point of this meeting was the design of the open educational resources which will aim at providing teachers & educators with original tools to raise awareness on the issue of illicit trafficking of cultural heritage.

During the first year of our project, partners built a common framework and work methodology by

  1. Analysing existing good practices and initiatives: highlighting the existing educational activities, curriculum, models, practices, policies, and teachers' educational pathways.

  2. Involving teachers and educational communities in Europe, by identifying and analysing their training Needs and Learning Priorities through a European tailor-made survey.

The results of this first step, are available here and were capital to orient the development of the Open Open Educational Resources (OERs).

In Lyon, partners reflected on the different topics they want to build on for developing the PITCHER OERs: heritage protection, theft of antiques and works of art, return of stolen objects, and the fight against this traffic (including protection, legislation and operational interventions), etc.

Partners also shared ideas about how to pick a format which combines an educational and play-based approach for these materials: card games, board games, role-playing games, etc.

We are now on the road to developing these materials! Soon, teachers and students, but also citizens, will be involved in testing these resources!


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